How to use the Harness


As we all know, men and women have different physiological structures, so different sex organs bring different feelings.It is normal for women to be curious about the moment of insertion.According to this situation, the emergence ofharnesses in adult toys provides a convenient way for explorers to experience how it feels when inserted.Of course, men can also use it.

The harness is worn like leather pants.After putting the harness on the thigh, adjust the adjustable belt in both directions, the design of the human body curve will make the harness tightly fit the body.The circular hole in the middle of the harness holds your favorite dildo firmly.After wearing it, you can immediately feel the insertion experience you want.

Choose the right size dildo to give you the feeling of having the same penis.It is not a shame that women can also feel the male experience.On the contrary, women's exploration of pleasure deserves recognition.From the passive side to the active side, the harness may be a very good choice for you.