How to choose a suitable vibrator


01The stimulus part is very important
It is not advisable to have pointed ears or pointed ears! Nowadays, the more common shapes on the market include butterfly antennae, little bees, and little rabbits. The more novel ones are flower-shaped, fan-shaped, and so on.
You choose the shape according to your preference, but it is worth noting that the angle between this part and the rod body is very important, too high to stimulate, and too low to be uncomfortable. Of course, whether the angle is comfortable or not will vary from person to person.
02Handle weight is very important
As we all know, women’s vaginas have a certain suction power. During the vibration of the vibrating stick, if the handle part of the stick is too heavy, there will be a force to pull outwards and it will not be able to absorb it. Therefore, the whole process of use is actually uncomfortable. .
Of course, if it is shared by a couple, the weight of the handle can be ignored.
03Soft rubber is more comfortable than silica gel, but too dirty
There are both silicone sticks and soft sticks on the market. Many people don't know how to choose. Soft glue sticks are softer than traditional silicone sticks and are more comfortable to use, but soft glues are not easy to clean and are too easy to get dirty.
If you like soft rubber sticks, it is recommended to use it with condoms; if you pay attention to hygiene and want to take care of it, there is a vibrating stick combining soft rubber and silicone on the market. The price will be more expensive, but it can take care of hygiene and comfort. Experience, regular silicone on the outside, soft rubber on the inside.
04 is not recommended to be too thick and too big
It is estimated that due to the influence of the European and American markets, the vibrating sticks on the Chinese market are becoming bigger and thicker, which is visually exciting and very easy to sell. However, for Asian women, the sticks that are too thick and too big can be used. Not comfortable.
05The ring-shaped handle is more suitable for masturbation
Most of the vibrators on the market are straight rods popular in Europe, America and Japan. You should know that the degree of openness of our people to sex is much lower than that of Europe, America and Japan. The straight handle is suitable for husband and wife to share and can also be used for masturbation. However, the ring-shaped handle is more suitable for masturbation than the straight handle. The index finger is buckled into the ring and the thumb is pressed for easy operation.
06 keys should not be too many, support blind pressing

The function mode is not more precise, the buttons should be set reasonably and easy to operate. It is important to know that if women are masturbating, they usually can’t see the buttons. Therefore, the number of buttons and the feel when pressed should be designed to be simple and clear. Therefore, the number of buttons cannot be too many or too few.