What Is The Anal Play?


Among all kinds of sexual intercourse, anal play is one of the most popular plays, especially among gay men. Many people will wonder how to have a safe anal sex, so today we will find out.


Anal sex refers to penetrative sex involving the anus. The inserted object can be a penis, a sex toy, or other organs,like finger etc.Because the anus is full of nerve endings, like nipples and other sensitive areas,the feeling of stimulation is extremely strong.Both men and women can experience explosive pleasure during anal sex.


Anus is connected to rectum, both are fragile, and it doesn't have the same role like lubrication as vagina, so it can be easily teared and cause infection during the anal sex.In summary, a safe and healthy anal sex is necessary, regardless of whether the player is straight or gay.

How to Stay Safe During Anal Sex

A magical feeling that anal sex can bring may be one of the reasons that deeply attract anal sex lovers.For men, intense stimulation of the anal sphincter and rectum massages the prostate gland attached to the pubic symphysis,and stimulates the ejaculatory center for an irresistible orgasm.For women, anus is close to the vagina, with a large number of sensitive nerves, which will produce different sensations when stimulated.


So how to play a safe anal play?


The first step,of course,is to empty the stool.Since the anus is connected to the rectum, this is a necessary step for a clean play.The next step is cleaning, whether it is the inserted object or the anus itself, it needs to be cleaned carefully for a comfortable erotic experience.


The second step is to lubricate the insertion object and the anus with a water-based lube, this step is also important because the anus is very delicate as mentioned above. Sufficient lubrication can facilitate smooth insertion and effectively protect the anus from



The third step is to adopt a good posture which allows the sphincter to fully relax and can effectively,quickly bring the feeling of insertion. Lie on your side, then curl your body up to your chest.It may be helpful to reduce the discomfort of insertion.


At the beginning of insertion, be careful not to use too much force, slowly slide and gradually massage to the hidden G-spot. When you feel unwell, please stop this play in time for your health and safety.


Some details about anal play also need attention, such as condom use, choice of lubricant, and anal cleaning and daily maintenance.


Using a condom will undoubtedly reduce the risk of anal damage during sex and contracting AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.


Lubricating can minimize pain and injury from friction.Different lubricants may have different effects. Oil-based lubricants may increase the possibility of condom breakage by degrading latex, while water-based lubricants are relatively safer.


The last one,pay attention to the choice of cleaning fluid, this can refer to our previous news. And daily anal maintenance is also necessary to keep the anus healthy.


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