Female adult products who use


A few days ago, a variety of female adult products, a large number of adult shopping malls, supermarkets and sexual health products market in Shanghai. "Masturbator", "artificial penis", "erotic cream", "bead vibrating penis", "Passion nipple clip"... There are many names and varieties. Perhaps people's consciousness has long been detached from the ignorance of the era of sexual closure, and become frank.

According to market law analysis, this kind of female adult products that add sexual pleasure will form a market, indicating that there is a consumer demand group. Human beings have a natural need for sex, and women have the right to a satisfying sex life. Sexual pleasure is a birthright, and owning and using adult products is not something to be ashamed of, which has long been a social consensus. So these female adult products, into the family, in terms of sexual health can bring women or sex between couples what?

What women are using adult products? Statistics on this are lacking. It is difficult to survey the population, because consumers of adult products regard the "purchase act" as a kind of privacy, just as the "operation" process of sexual pleasure is regarded as absolute privacy. However, according to relevant aspects, at least 10% of adult women suffer from various degrees of sexual dysfunction, and up to more than 50% of women have no orgasm during sexual life. There is a larger proportion of sexual disharmony of couples, disabled people, celibate, how to meet their sexual requirements, without violating social moral norms and affecting their health? Perhaps the emergence of female adult products, in many hidden living Spaces, fills the user's sexual troubles, sexual repression, sexual regret and sexual lack.

Single women after divorce

Ms. Li, 33, a university teacher. In 1999, due to divorce with her husband's character, she was introduced to several men after divorce, but she has been unable to escape the shadow of a failed marriage, and has not remarried. She is a healthy woman with a high sex drive and normal sexual needs. So how did she excrete sex for five years? It is understood that Ms. Li avoided the interview mentality, so about her "privacy" can only be relayed by her intimate girlfriend: since the divorce, after a period of heart-wrenching psychological pain, she returned to the normal track of life. She longed for a man she loved to accompany her on a lonely night. She also fell in love again, but the man was not sexually competent, so she gave up the possibility of marriage. All these years, her sexual needs have been met by artificial penises made of adult products. She feels it's normal to use a masturbator to address a physical need, and if she wants to address that need by meeting men, she can. But sexual life needs to be based on love, and love is built by chance and fate. What she wanted to avoid was a marriage without love, so the artificial penis became her only option for sexual excretion.

Menopausal homemaker

Located in Fumin Road, a sexual health products adult products store, the manager is a 40-year-old lady, she has been operating adult products business for four years. Among her regular customers is a 45-year-old woman who often comes to buy adult products. After a long time, they became good sisters without talking. The female manager also understood the "secret" of the good sister: she has a very ordinary and very stable home, although the economic income is not rich, but by the couple's thrift, or sent her daughter to university. After her daughter's boarding school, she and her husband still lived a simple and realistic life. She reached menopause at the age of 45. Menopause is a period of transition for women from high physical function to decline. As the function of ovarian secretion of estrogen decreased, and even completely disappeared, the sexual organs gradually atrophy and aging. As a result, their husband and wife life is affected, sexual intercourse will produce pain. For the harmony of sexual life, but also for the feelings of husband and wife, she consulted the doctor, the doctor asked her to try vaginal lubricant. Since then, she has used female adult products and feels good about it.

Sexual disharmony couples

According to the supplier of adult products, the "masturbation device" for women is made of imported high-quality polymer medical rubber. Safe, non-toxic, tasteless, no adverse reactions. Feel soft and comfortable. Using it can promote blood circulation and regulate endocrine. For women's sexual apathy, lack of orgasm, etc. are effective, but also to solve the problem of sexual incoordination, and to meet people's sexual requirements and restore normal sexual life.

Expert opinion

The correct and proper use of adult products helps to improve the quality of sexual life, add a lot of fun to sexual life, and can also bring positive effects to health. Women in menopause can use adult products to maintain vaginal elasticity and avoid incontinence and other ailments. And some women who can not reach orgasm, the use of adult products is conducive to the adjustment of sexual psychology.

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