The Ways to Enjoy Nipple Clamps


Did you know that breasts (especially nipples) are also an important erogenous zone? Just like the clitoris and vagina, stimulating the nipples can also affect the stimulation the body feels.

Touch the nipple gently with your hand, the soft and elastic nipple is stimulated under your fingers to feel like an electric current, and the sharp and pleasant excitement impacts all emotions.

Although everyone has different sensations of breast stimulation and the same nipple toys can have different effects on different people, most people can still enjoy unique fun from it.

In order to have a more enjoyable nipple stimulation experience, you need to know these things.

Something about breasts

Starting from adolescence, under the action of estrogen, women's breasts begin to grow and protrude, and mature women's breasts can secrete breast milk through breast tissue to feed infants.

In addition to the function of breastfeeding, stimulation of female breasts can be a source of strong pleasure for women during the foreplay process.Kissing, stroking, and licking a woman's nipples, or avoiding nipple stimulation of the areola. All of this can make women excited.

Both men and women have nipples, but the difference is that under the influence of male hormones, men's breasts are much smaller than women's and are usually considered underdeveloped breasts.However, when men are stimulated by their nipples, the pleasure brought by nipples is no less than what women feel when stimulated, and sometimes even stronger.

During foreplay or other moments, nipple stimulation is a great choice for arousing bodily desires, and research has shown that a small number of people can achieve orgasm through nipple play.In addition to using of fingers and lips, choosing suitable nipple toys is more flexible for additional pleasure stimulation.

How to use nipple clamps correctly

Nipple clamps are a very convenient and user-friendly product for nipple toys. They are fully adjustable and can adapt to various sizes, and different beautiful shapes make the entire breast more attractive.They look very delicate, like sparkling decorations, but please believe that they are professional tools for enhancing nipple stimulation and do not have to be painful.

1. The use of nipple clamps.Place a sturdy circle around the nipple and then pull the adjustable sliding lock, allowing the whole toy to firmly match the sensitive nipple.The heavy bottom trim is pulled downward under the action of gravity, causing the swollen nipples to be forcefully pressed down, bringing incredible and magical pleasure.

Accompanied by the trembling of the breasts, nipple clamps are constantly swaying in front of the chest, wild and visually stimulating, effectively arousing unlimited sexual desire.

2. Details that need to be noted

When wearing nipple clamps, the time should not be too long, and it is necessary to take a break every ten minutes. If worn for a long time, it can cause certain harm to the breasts.In daily life, it is important to maintain a happy mood, avoid excessive pressure on the breasts, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the nipples.So what are you waiting for? 

Start your exclusive erotic adventure!

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